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After a beautiful six-year career with the Corporate Office Solutions (COS) group, Cezar Gămulescu decided that it was time to change sides and try his fortunes in entrepreneurship. He chose to focus on the office design and fit-out market, and founded his new company, forFitout. Now his plans are starting to take shape.

Entering entrepreneurship was not an easy decision to make for Cezar  Gămulescu, especially because one never knows what to expect.  But the experience he had gained from nearly 1,000 previously completed projects and a full set of partners – suppliers and customers – helped him make up his mind. “The fit-out market is a large one, especially the office fit-out segment, and that creates for us an opportunity to develop a successful business, based on trustworthiness and true values, rather than empty concepts and intricate sentences under tags such as ‘mission, vision, values’. Basically we offer real products to real people in real partnerships,” Gamulescu told Business Arena.   
He fondly remembers his early work days in his new role. He confesses that his first day as an entrepreneur was beautiful and interesting at the same time. He had just leased the space for his company and rushed to bring in four desks and two chairs. “We actually sat down in the middle of an empty room. And that is where it all began, the plans, ideas, concepts, everything,” he said.
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